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Yamaha Zuma 50 Stage 1 Performance Kit


Yamaha Zuma 50 Stage 1 Performance Kit

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Weight 12.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 116 in


Ready to make your Yamaha Zuma 50 a screamer? This is the Stage 1 performance kit that will take your Zuma performance up a serious notch. Save $$ by purchasing this kit. This exhaust has a race-tuned expansion chamber to help your engine make maximum power in the range of 7000-12000 RPM. The included variator parts are necessary modifications to help your engine rev that high and take advantage of the power available to it. Your stock variator setup doesn’t want your engine screaming like that, so you’ve got to switch it up to make higher revs. Remember that performance parts do not come with any warranty, and will void your factory warranty. Follow good break-in procedures, and work with an experienced tuner for best results. This kit consists of: Performance NCY Exhaust NCY Super Transmission Kit* If you want to get even more power, consider checking out these cylinder kits for various Zuma 50 model years: Malossi Cylinder Kit NCY Cylinder Kit Pinasco Cylinder Kit *The NCY Super Transmission Kit includes the following:Ultralight gold specially coated overdrive variator Ultralight outer drive face Ultralight large shoe racing clutch Ulltraight drilled & vented clutch bell Dual range secondary slider 15×12 7g roller weights 1500 Compression spring Ball bearing compression spring seat

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