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Wiring Conversion Harness Kit


Wiring Conversion Harness Kit

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

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This is the complete harness kit for doing a non-battery wiring conversion. Works perfectly with our EIK1 electronic ignition kit, LCB1 coil pair, or installing a 5 port motor in a vintage scooter. Includes: EIKH1 harness 89471 handlebar switch Brake switch (73611 or 181637) Regulator (RT507 or RT516) There are 6 options: LF NO REG = Largeframe scooter, if you don’t need a regulator (because your engine already came with one) SF NO REG = Smallframe scooter, if you don’t need a regulator LF 12 REG = Largeframe scooter, 12V regulator (best for using a 5-port engine in a vintage bike) LF 6V REG = Largeframe scooter, 6V regulator (recommended for use with our EIK kit) SF 12V Reg = Smallframe scooter, 12V regulator SF 6V REG = Smallframe scooter, 6V regulator If you’re not sure which kit you need, call!

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