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Polini Cylinder Kit (177.7cc); Stella 2T, VNX, VLB


Polini Cylinder Kit (177.7cc); Stella 2T, VNX, VLB

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 8 in


The Polini kit is cast iron, and is a great all-around cylinder. it’s got plenty of grunt down low and in the midrange. This kit just begs for an upgear kiton early P125s.A Prima pipe is perfect for bringing out the power this kit can generate. Another popular upgrade is a 24/24 or 26/26 carb.Replacement pistons can be purchased here:Standard sizeFirst oversizeSecond oversizeReplacement rings can be purchased here:Standard sizeFirst oversizeSecond oversize***PLEASE NOTE*** Performance upgrades are considered racing parts and are not covered by warranty. There are too many variables involved with user-installed parts, and pushing the limits of your engine tends to wear parts faster. Use at your own risk!This performance cylinder kit was designed to allow the best cooling characteristics possible. In order to do so, the manufacturer has created a specific layout of the cooling fins. On some applications, the cooling fins at the base of the cylinder come in contact with the flywheel. When this occurs, the fins must be ground off to allow clearance. Removing these fins will not hinder the cooling abilities of the cylinder nor will they subject the cylinder to premature failure. A simple grinding bit will work well for removal.Caution! When removing excess material, be very cautious. Any damage or modification to the cylinder is the sole responsibility of you, the owner.Don’t forget to rejet your carb!

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