NCY Brake Shoes (Blue); Kymco


NCY Brake Shoes (Blue); Kymco

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NCY High Performance Grooved Brake Shoes – Kymco High friction grooved linings, efficiency improves with heat. NCY Blue Series brake shoes are made using high pressure Die cast aluminum platforms with bonded brake linings. All shoes are radius ground and edge trimmed and also feature lead in and lead out chamfers at lining ends and original equipment style brake shoe springs. The multiple angled liner grooves are designed to channel away dirt, dust,water and debris from the braking area to improve braking and extend shoe and drum life. Found in some Kymco May fit most GY6-based scooters with 12-13 wheels plus many go-carts and ATVs. Verify your measurements & shoe design match KYMCO:People 50 RearPeople S 50 RearSuper 8 Super 8 Big & Tire/Tyre RearAgility 125 RearMovie XL 125 RearPeople S 125 RearSuper 8 125 RearAgility 50 City RearAgility 125 ONE RearAgility 125 MMC RearSuper 8 125 Big Tire/Tyre KL25SB RearSuper 8 50 (2 stroke) RearSuper 8 125 Big Tire/Tyre KL25SF RearMovie S 125i RearDJ 125S RearMALAGUTI:Ciak 125/150 01-05 RearORIGINAL PART NUMBERS:Malaguti: 119.526.00Kymco: 4312A-KUDU-900Other manufactures numbers:EBC: 818SBS: 2203Venom: VMS-15.

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