Naraku Carburetor – 24mm for QMB and GY6 Engines

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NarakuNaraku 24mm Carburetor for 85-150cc QMB139 and GY6 Engines.

The 24mm inner diameter is suitable for use with QMB139 engines with 85cc or larger cylinders or as an upgrade for GY6 150cc engines. The carb comes equipped with an electric choke. On QMB139 engines, a 24mm intake manifold must be used, please see related items.

Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy.

Weight 20.8 oz
  • Main Jet: 102
  • Idle Jet: 35
  • Air Filter Connection: 42mm
  • Intake Connection: 32mm
  • Does not have an accelerator pump

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