Cylinder Kit, Polini – VSX (207cc)


Cylinder Kit, Polini – VSX (207cc)

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One of the highest-output cylinders available. This cast-iron kit shines in the lower end and midrange, and can have you pulling wheelies regularly. While it may not last quite as long as the nikasil Malossi or Pinasco kits, it’s the most bang for the buck!Perfect when mated with a Prima pipe! The 26/26 carbs are very popular with this cylinder too.Replacement pistons can be purchased here:Standard size: single ring, double ringFirst oversize: double ringSecond oversize: single ring, double ringReplacement rings can be purchased here:Standard size: Dyke ringFirst oversize: Dyke ring, Standard ringSecond oversize: Dyke ring, Standard ring***PLEASE NOTE*** Performance upgrades are considered racing parts and are not covered by warranty. There are too many variables involved with user-installed parts, and pushing the limits of your engine tends to wear parts faster. Use at your own risk!

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