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Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube


Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube

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Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in




Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube available in 175 ML and 400 ML. For case order quantity 12. Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube is the ultimate chain lubricant for all street, off-road and racing motorcycle chain applications including O, X and Z ring units. Uniquely designed to resist fling-off even in high speed applications while providing outstanding chain and sprocket life by reducing wear. Contains anti-rust agents to protect chains even in wet conditions. ***Please note: not for sale in Canada and Note: This product is a ORM-D (Other Regulated Item, Domestic) regulated item and ships via FedEx Ground to the lower 48 states only. Choose from 175 ML or 400 ML For Case Order Quantity 12 O – X – Z Ring Safe Fling-Proof Formula For Street Bike & Off-Road Use Outstanding Chain & Sprocket Life

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