SSP-G GY6 Performance Transmission Kit


SSP-G GY6 Performance Transmission Kit

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SSP-G Performance Transmission Kit for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke engine based vehicles.Transmission kit includes the following:1000RPM clutch1000RPM torque springBlack 5-star clutch bellVariator kit with 157g aluminum drive face, 12g roller weights and variator bossAdjustable drive sheaveRoller bearing torque spring basePlease see our Warranty & Returns Policy. Clutch: 120mm Outer Diameter. 1000RPM Springs Installed.Torque (Contra) Spring: 1000RPM. Overall Length: 115mm (4.5 Inches.)Clutch Bell: 125mm Inner Diameter. 137mm Outer Diameter. 19 Splines.Variator: 115mm Outer Diameter. Includes 12g Roller Weights. 157g Drive Face.All Components Made in Taiwan!

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