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SSP-G 59mm Z125 Performance Cylinder Kit


SSP-G 59mm Z125 Performance Cylinder Kit

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Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in


SSP-G 59mm Kawasaki Z125 Ceramic Coated Big Bore Cylinder Kit. This kit includes a ceramic coated cylinder, piston, rings, piston pin, cir clips, head gasket, and base gasket. When you use this SSP-G 59mm Big Bore Cylinder Kit you will increase your total displacement to 138cc.Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy. *You may need to modify your engine case to accommodate the larger cylinder. Upgrades to 138cc Cylinder Bore: 59mm Cylinder Sleeve Outer Diameter: 61.8mm Wrist Pin Diameter: 13mm Total Piston Height: 38.4mm Compression Height (from center of wrist pin hole to top edge of piston): 20.25mm

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