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Razor Battery Set


Razor Battery Set

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Razor Battery Set used on the following models: PR200 (V7-V26) MX350 (V9-V32) MX400 (V16-V32) Dirt Quad (V1+) Dune Buggy (V1+) Ground Force Go Kart (V13+) Ground Force Drifter (V1+) Pocket Mod (V1-V44) **Note: Razor electric scooter/bike versions can be determined by locating your bar code ID on the battery cover and/or on the bottom of the bike frame. The 7th and 8th digit in the series will tell you the version of your product: 01=version 1; 02=version 2; 09=version 9, and so on. Please be sure you identify your product version before placing an order for a battery.**Note: Not compatible as a replacement for the 10 amp hour battery for MX350 versions 1-8. Battery is also not compatible with units that have a serial number beginning with MX. Set of 2 (12 Volt, 7 Ah) Length: 5.91 inches (150mm) Width: 2.56 inches (65mm) Height: 3.70 inches (94mm) Includes 30A fuse

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