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Polini Performance Exhaust (Black); Stella 4T Manual


Polini Performance Exhaust (Black); Stella 4T Manual

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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 12 in


Add some much needed pep to your Stella 4T Manual with the Polini Performance Exhaust. An easy bolt on exhaust that will give your bike significant improvement across the entire powerband. Don’t forget to upjet. We recommend Jets R Us to get your jets for this exhaust. The stock main jet is a 90 and the stock idle jet is a 40. We recommend going up several sizes and work your way down to find a perfect balance. You can get the main jets here: Jets R Us Main Jets And the idle jets here: Jets R Us Idle Jets This exhaust also goes well with the Polini 165 Cylinder Kit and the Polini 22mm Carburetor. *NOTE* This exhaust will not work on 2-stroke and Automatic Stellas.

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