NCY 68cc Cylinder Kit (Iron,10mm pin) Minarelli AC


NCY 68cc Cylinder Kit (Iron,10mm pin) Minarelli AC

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NCY 47mm Cast Iron Jog/Minarelli 2-stroke Cylinder w/o Head (reuse your stock head). This cast iron, 2-ring kit is Ideal for bikes intended for more regular use. A simple bolt on 72 cc kit for minarelli based, air cooled, 2-stroke scooters with a 10mm wrist pin. Don’t forget that with every 2-stroke cylinder kit upgrade, it?s necessary to either supplement the stock oil injection system with about a tablespoon of two stroke oil in your gas tank every fill up or eliminate the injection syetem and pre-mix. We recommend Ipone oils for all of NCY’s big bore kits. Both 1400-1005, City Oil 2 and OIL-IPCITY, Scoot City Strawberry Synthetic are great options. Also, don’t forget to upjet your carburetor. We recommend starting your jetting rich and then working your way down to the perfect mix. Specs: AC Iron Cylinder Kit 47mm Bore (68cc with stock stroke) 5 Transfer Ports 10mm Wrist Pin 2 Compression Rings Open Exhaust Port

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