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Koso KSR Carburetor


Koso KSR Carburetor

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Koso’s KSR carburetor features a semi-flat D-shaped slide that increases the fuel flow for a better throttle reaction. It also reduces the incomplete combustion phenomenon, and therefore improves the combustion efficiency.Available in 3 different sizes and easy to adjust and install, this carburetor will allow you to set-up the ideal air/fuel ratio for better performance. Please select from 28mm, 30mm or 32mm. Model Numbers: DA928300, DA930300, DA932300Choose From 28mm, 30mm or 32mm

Weight 26.4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

28, 30, 32

  • Model Numbers: DA928300, DA930300, DA932300
  • Choose From 28mm, 30mm or 32mm
  • Outer Diameter of Air Filter Side: 50mm

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