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Hoca Minarelli 90 Performance Transmission Kit


Hoca Minarelli 90 Performance Transmission Kit

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in


Hoca Brand Performance Transmission Kit for 90cc, 2-stroke Minarelli engines. Includes clutch bell that is textured for decreased clutch slippage and cross drilled for heat dispersion.Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy. Variator Number of Splines: 15 Variator Outer Diameter: 97mm Roller Weight Size: 16×13 (4 Gram) Boss Inner Diameter: 16mm 1500 RPM Clutch Spring Clutch Pulley Outer Diameter: 115mm Clutch Drum Number of Splines: 16 Clutch Drum Splined Inner Diameter (peak to peak): 11mm Clutch Drum is Textured to Decrease Clutch Slippage & Cross Drilled for Heat Dispersion Drive Face Outer Diameter: 96mmBoss Length: 38mm

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