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Handlebar Grips for Razor

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Handlebar Grips for Razor units that come with a twist grip throttle. Includes one full-length left & one half-length right grip. These grips are compatible with the following Razor Products/versions:* Razor e100 & e125 Electric Scooter (Version 1-4)* Razor e200 & e200 S Electric Scooters (Version 5+)* Razor e300 & e300 S Electric Scooters (Version 2+)* Razor Pocket Rocket (Version 1+)* Razor Mini Chopper (Version 1+)* Razor eSpark* Fits many other makes and models including Currie/Schwinn**NOTE: Scooter versions can be determined by locating your bar code ID on the battery cover and/or on the bottom of the scooter/bike frame or underside of the unit. The 7th and 8th digit in the series will tell you the version of your product: 01=version 1; 02=version 2; 09=version 9, and so on. Please be sure you identify your version before placing an order for a pair of grips.

Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
  • Replaces Razor Part #W15125050025
  • Compatible with Razor E Series, C300, eSpark and PR200
  • Long Grip: 115mm Length, Inner Diameter 21mm
  • Short Grip: 65mm Length, Inner Diameter 21mm

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