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Electronic Ignition Kit; 60s-70s Largeframe Vespas


Electronic Ignition Kit; 60s-70s Largeframe Vespas

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Weight 12.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 116 in


Our electronic ignition kit was specifically designed for 60s-70s largeframes. Some of the advantages to upgrading are: -Getting rid of old mechanical points and condenser by upgrading to a modern CDI electronic ignition. -Longer bulb life and in most cases brighter lighting. -Switching to a regulated non-battery system, eliminating the need for battery maintenance. We’ve custom machined the stator plate so you don’t need to use a timing light to set the timing. Just line up the correct hole for your model and tighten it down! This system won’t support turn signals, so if you have them, you’ll have to disconnect or remove them. Fits, VNA, VBA, VNB, VBB, VLA, VNC, VBC, VLB Includes: EIKM1 Stator, Flywheel, Puller, bolts & bracket EIKCDI CDI Unit EIKCOIL Coil Assy. You will also need an EIKHK harness kit. Fits: Vespa VNAVespa VBAVespa VBBVespa VLAVespa VNCVespa VLB

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