Dr. Pulley 28×20 Sliding Roller Weights


Dr. Pulley 28×20 Sliding Roller Weights

Warranty: 30 Days

Dr. Pulley 28x20 Sliding Roller Weights for the fits Silverwing 400 and fits Silverwing 600. Please select weight from drop-down menu. Traditionally, gear ratio is changed by the up-and-down rolling movement of the roller weights in the ramp of the Moveable Drive Pulley (MDF). Now the innovative Dr. Pulley Sliding Roller Weights slide up-and-down the ramp to change the gear ratio. This unique sliding movement (not rolling) provides exclusive advantages to increase CVT performance. With Dr. Pulley, no abnormal wear will occur even when running in high gear. Dr. Pulley's U.S. Patent Number 7,276,004 states that their sliding roller weights eliminate abnormal wear, prevent reduction gear ratio deterioration, prolong the useful life of the transmission, and have the availability to adjust reduction gear ratios as well as driving performance. At the same time, Dr. Pulley Sliding Roller Weights are also adapted to compensate wear automatically, to adjust by itself to move further outward in a movable drive pulley half and to make the vehicle reach a higher maximum vehicle speed.Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy. Size: 28x20Set of 8Available in 19 Gram Through 32 Gram WeightsBroadens your range of gear ratiosIncreases acceleration and re-acceleration propertiesIncreases top end speedLasts longer than standard roller weightsU.S. Patent Number: 7,276,004Please Note: Weight Color May Vary

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in

19 Grams, 26 Grams, 28 Grams, 30 Grams, 32 Grams, 35 Grams