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12V 18AH Battery YTX20L-BS


12V 18AH Battery YTX20L-BS

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Weight 13.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 116 in


Universal Parts 12 Volt 18 Amp YTX20L-BS Battery – Maintenance Free Dry AGM w/Acid Pack. Fits ATVs, motorcycles and much more.Please Note: All Sales on Clearance Items are Final.**Note: This product is a ORM-D (Other Regulated Item, Domestic) regulated item and ships via FedEx Ground to the lower 48 states only. Length: 6.88 inches (175mm) Width: 3.43 inches (87mm) Height: 6.10 inches (155mm) Includes Acid Pack Set-Up Instructions 1. Remove the packing and remove the tin foil strip from the top of the battery. Remove the battery acid pack from the plastic bag but do not remove the foil from the top of the acid pack. 2. Invert the acid pack into the top of the battery so that the foil covered top of the acid pack is covering the holes in the top of the battery. Press the acid pack down firmly into the holes in the battery (a series of spikes inside the battery holes will pierce the foil and let the acid out). Gently tap the acid pack until all the acid has gone into the battery. Use all of the acid that comes with the battery as this provides the required amount to fill the battery. 3. Charge the battery for 5-6 hours with a Battery Charger. 5. Disconnect the battery from the battery charger and let the battery set for 1 hour. 6. Place the plastic strip into the holes on the top of the battery and press firmly (do not hit) into place until the plastic strip fits flush with the top of the battery.. 7. The battery is now filled, charged and ready for use (when connecting to a motorbike/scooter, always connect the positive (+) terminal first).