NCY Performance Clutch (Green, Gen 4); GY6


NCY Performance Clutch (Green, Gen 4); GY6

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NCY Performance Clutch (Green, Gen 4); GY6 High quality, fourth generation green racing clutch, from NCY. and For use in GY6 engines.This is the same clutch that comes in the NCY GY6 Super Trans kit. and It is not adjustable. and It has an inner brace. and It weighs 1005 g and the pads are 50.5 mm x 22 mm. and The bigger pads are a big reason why this is considered a performance clutch. and While they may have added a little weight, they are also adding over 27% more contact area than a typical stock clutch. and It is also green, which is one of the faster colors, and the fit and finish of this one are head and shoulders above stock clutches.

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