Heidenau 3.50-12 K3 Tube-Type Vintage Scooter Tire


Heidenau 3.50-12 K3 Tube-Type Vintage Scooter Tire

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Heidenau Brand Tube-Type Tire size 3.50-12 with a new development in a classic style, the K3 tread pattern is the perfect tire for your vintage scooter. Heidenau, the builders of what you expect a tire to be. Whether at high speeds, cornering, or in wet conditions, Heidenau Tires strive to fulfill the highest claims of quality. Their technologically innovative finishing processes, high quality raw materials, and close cooperation with government regulation and inspection bodies like TUV and Dekra, guarantee you a reliable and well-crafted product with a high standard of quality, that truly lives up to the phrase "Made in Germany" Heidenau Brand Tube Type Size: 3.50-12 Tread Pattern: K3 Speed/Load Rating: 56M 494 lbs. @ 36 PSI Tread: 3 Plies Rayon Made in Germany

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